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Gift Guide - That Eco Friend

Only 19 sleeps til Christmas! Have you started shopping yet? Let us know in the comments below! If you need some inspiration to find the perfect gift, keep reading! Today we’re sharing our top picks for “That Eco Friend”.

1. Food wraps

Eco friendly bees wax wraps

Mind Your Bees has stocked us with their reusable beeswax wraps which are a much better option than traditional plastic wrap! These wraps are reusable for up to one year, after which they are 100% compostable or could even be used as a natural firestarter. Simply run these under cool water, using natural soap as needed, then lay them flat to dry.

2. Reusable Facial Rounds

Reusable Facial Rounds and All Natural Make Up Remover

Little Fox Sews Lots has created reusable facial rounds that are perfect for removing makeup! No more disposable cotton pads, or makeup wipes for a greener beauty routine. Each round is 2 layers of cotton, with a super soft back for sensitive skin and the delicate eye area, and double stitched for durability. To use, simply apply your product to the round, then wash in your laundry as normal and reuse! Pair these with all natural makeup remover by Simply Polished and feel good about your skin AND the environment!

3. Wool Dryer Balls

Another way to encourage your friends to go green or support those making an effort is to gift them wool dryer balls from Bridlewood Soaps. Wool dryer balls are made to replace disposable dryer sheets and present many benefits over traditional dryer sheets. They help your clothes dry faster, reduce static, and minimize wrinkles. You can even add a few drops of your favourite essential oils for an all-natural way to make your laundry smell amazing!

4. Organic Tea

Infusion Organic Tea has stocked us with a variety of their organic tea blends. Each blend is made with a combination of herbs to create a unique flavour with no fillers or artificial flavourings. These loose leaf blends are the perfect gift for an earthy friend.

5. Reclaimed Shelves

These shelves are inspired by the outdoors and made using reclaimed wood. It gets even better, Gallery District Designs donates 10% of their profits to re-greening efforts in Ontario, plus the shelves are super cute in any space!


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