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Gift Guide - That Hippie Friend

Another day, another gift guide post! This post will be all the inspiration you need to find the perfect gift for “that hippie friend”.

1. Smudges

Luxe Zen has stocked us with a variety of smudges perfect for the hippie in your life. Smudges are burned to cleanse the energy in a space and clear our stagnant energy. This is the perfect gift for the avid meditater, someone with a new space or someone looking for change and healing in the new year!

2. Crystal Jewelry

Your hippie friends are sure to love crystals for their healing and comforting properties. In store, we have unique crystal jewelry from Curious Oddities, Luxe Zen and Cashmere & Oak. They’ve supplied us with a wide selection of gemstones so you’ll be sure to find the perfect piece for anyone.

3. Kimonos

Easily one of our most popular items, these kimonos by Free Spirit Threads are sure to fit in with your friends’ current wardrobe. The styles are continuously changing so you won’t have a hard time finding the perfect one.

4. Salves

Sarah’s Soaps salves are a natural ointment used to promote the healing of skin or as a layer of protection/nourishment. Whether your friend is looking for a natural way to soothe aches and pains, or nourish their skin through the harsh winter, these salves have you covered!

5. Bath Salt Soak

A warm bath is not complete without soothing bath salts! Homebody Bath makes a variety of all-natural bath soaks that make the perfect gift. This is the perfect gift for that hippie friend that wants an all-natural way to chill out and relieve some stress!

6. Macrame

With an arrangement of Wall Hangings and Plant Hangers to choose from, Spool & Grove’s intricate macrame is the perfect gift for your free spirit friend. Her gorgeous creations will fit anywhere due to their minimalist colour combinations.

With so many local handmade vendors in store, you are sure to find something for everyone!


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